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About Us

BEMSCA was formed in 1993 to provide a Luncheon Club, information and advice service to the Caribbean, Asian and Chinese elders in Bath.

A study identify the needs of ethnic minority elders:

• Language barriers
• Social isolation
• Inadequate access to services

From opening one day a week at Riverside Youth and Community Centre, it went to two days (Monday & Friday) a week in 1995 to a new home at Fairfield House in Kelston Road. The project was managed by Steering Group and the Management Committee was formed in October 1995.

Aim and objectives

• To provide a Luncheon Club on Mondays and Fridays for Black and Ethnic Minority (B&EM) Senior Citizens.
• Increase awareness of available Statutory and Voluntary service provisions.
• Offer information and advice services to BME Senior Citizens.
• Offer information and advice in users’ languages.

Principles and statements

• Value each others culture, background, experience and language.
• Bring together people from different minority ethnic groups.
• We believe that people should know their rights and should have access to information and advice.
• Staff should reflect the ethnic origins and needs of members.