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Befriending service

BEMSCA provides a safe and comforting place where members can be relaxed about who they are and celebrate their links with other communities outside Bath. Without friends or family to support you, life can be very lonely when you come from a minority community. BEMSCA provides a lifeline to members of the BME community who may be new to the area or not have an opportunity to leave their house.

Mr B joined BEMSCA after moving from London to Bath to be nearer to his family. With little opportunity to socialize outside his family, he felt alone and isolated. A fortunate meeting with one of our members opened new doors for him and he was invited to attend our weekly day care meetings. He now feels more independent and confident about what lies ahead. His warm words of gratitude sum up what BEMSCA is all about – “BEMSCA is not just a club, it is my family”.