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Outreach Work

With BEMSCA now celebrating its 24th year, we have members who due to old age, health and disability, are unable to visit the day care service at Fairfield House. In order that all members receive appropriate support, we have developed an outreach programme visiting people at home or in residential care setting. This service, partly funded by Virgin Care, is a life line for members unable to leave the comfort and tranquility of home.

Through this service we:

• Work with families and Social Services to provide support at home, in residential and nursing care homes.
• Provide personal care and supporting home based care providers to ensure the cultural needs of our members are recognized and respected.
• Help with language support through interpretation and translation of documents, letters etc.
• Work with families to ensure that the home of their loved has all the appropriate social aids or equipment to ensure quality of life for our member.
• Ensure that members do not feel lonely and isolated due to their ill health and mobility.